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These are the professionals behind our high-quality services.

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Our professional and expert management team is responsible for ensuring that you have an extraordinary experience with Dyno Kwik Lube. They also consistently monitor that you get the quality of service you deserve.


If you have questions and clarifications with regards to any of our services, our greeters can answer your initial questions and introduce you to service advisors to ensure that you receive the best customer service possible.

Their focus is to build relationships with our customers by providing excellent customer service.

Car Care

We have highly competent staff that maintain overall service delivery to our customers and their cars. Our Car Care Manager is responsible for monitoring and assuring high-quality customer service to guarantee your satisfaction. They also organize the work plan to attain the highest efficiency in the performance of all the job functions by supervising our Repair Technicians and consulting with Service Advisors; ensuring that appropriate work is assigned according to our technicians’ expertise.

Lastly, our Car Care Managers will verify that the repair and maintenance of your vehicle is completed with accuracy and professionalism.

Hood Tech

Our Hood Technicians are responsible for the multi-point inspection and lubrication of your cars in a quick, efficient manner. This means they can complete the job even without you having to alight from your car.

They also inspect the following:

  • Check fluid levels of power steering/brake fluids
  • Air filters
  • Window wash fluids
  • Wiper blades

Service Tech

Our Service Techs’ duties cover a full range of quality repair and maintenance services. They expertly perform jobs specified on the maintenance and repair plan with efficiency and in accordance with our quality control.

They are responsible for diagnosing, maintaining, and repairing vehicle automotive systems. These include the engine, transmission, electrical steering, suspension, brakes, air conditioning, and more.

Please reach out to any of us if we can help you in any way!