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We Value Your Comfort
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Driving your car should be as comfortable as possible.

Maintaining your vehicle’s coolant system in maximum operating condition contributes to the comfort and convenience you experience inside your care. With this, the Dyno Kwik Lube technicians are experts in maintaining the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance of your vehicle.

It is wise to have your car checked regularly in order to identify and fix any coolant system issues before they become more severe and high-priced problems to solve.

Symptoms of coolant issues may include:

  • The temperature light is on and the gauge readout is not within the normal range.
  • The heaters do not produce heat at all.


The coolant (anti-freeze) protects your engine from overheating and freezing. At Dyno Kwik Lube, we assure that your car will follow the manufacturer recommendations for coolant replacement. This includes either just a “drain-and-fill” process or a complete flush of the radiator system.

While we are taking care of your car’s Coolant System maintenance and repair, our certified technicians can also check your brakes for any noises or leaks. They can also provide you with free code interpretations if your Check Engine/Maintenance Required light is on.

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