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Unfortunately, car batteries don’t last forever. Make sure to watch for the common warning signs that your battery is dead or dying. If your engine cranks, but doesn’t start or you’ve jumped your vehicle one too many times, it’s time for a checkup. 

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Battery Replacements Serving Midland, TX

When it comes time for a new battery, let Dyno Kwik Lube handle your battery replacement. We can check to make sure your battery actually needs replacing. If it does need to be replaced, we can help you find the right battery for your vehicle. We offer a variety of batteries depending on the type of power you may need. Having a battery that works well in the heat is important living in the Midland area. We’ve got your back.

Did you know the temperature can affect how often you need a battery replacement?

Tests have proven that for every 15 degrees Fahrenheit the temperature rises, the life of a car battery is cut nearly in half. If the temperature outside is on average around 75 degrees, the battery might last about 10 years. With temperatures in the 90’s, a battery life may be cut in half, at five years. As the average temperature goes up, the number of years you can get out of your battery drops which is why car batteries are likely to fail in the hot summer weather in Midland, TX.

To prevent a constant drain on the battery, keep your car parked in a cool area including in the shade, under a carport, or in a garage out of the direct sunlight. Keeping your car cooler will help keep the battery cooler. Contact us today for more information or for battery replacement services.

Watch For Common Warning Signs Including:

  • Slow Engine Turn Over – All of the power it takes to get your start is produced by the battery. After the car is started, the alternator keeps the car battery going. If your battery is on its last leg, you may start to notice that the engine is turning over slower than normal. If the engine does not turn over at all, the vehicle may create rapid clicking sounds. This is a sign to the driver that the power is too low to turn over the engine. Having the battery tested is very important as this will tell you if you need a replacement.
  • Issues with electrical components – Not only does the battery power the engine, but it helps produce the power to run power windows, seats, radios, wipers, headlights, and more. If these aren’t working, it might be time to look at your battery level.
  • Light On Dashboard – A lot of cars have dashboard warning lights that are in the shape of a battery. If the battery is not recharging properly or there is a problem internally, the light will go on. This could also mean there is a problem with the alternator or electrical system. Have your vehicle inspected to determine what the problem is.
  • Swollen Battery Case – When car batteries are exposed to excessive heat or cold, the flat sides of the casing could start to swell or bulge. If for example the battery sits in a vehicle that is not driven for some time in the winter, the battery will discharge and may freeze. Swelling from excess heat may cause the battery to be “dead”. These batteries cannot be recovered and will need to be replaced.
  • Old Age – Car batteries last about four to five years on average. However, this depends on extreme temperature exposure often felt in Midland, TX.
  • Weird Smell – If a battery has been frozen or overcharged its case may vent gas, smelling like rotten eggs. If you smell this scent, it is important to have your battery inspected right away. The sulfuric acid from the battery can begin eating away at other parts of the vehicle including engine parts. Corrosion may occur and that is something you’d want to avoid.

Keep your eyes and ears open for the following warning signs and contact Dyno Kwik Lube when you need a replacement!

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